Fire Risk Assessment


 Our professional Fire Risk Assessors have achieved significant knowledge and experience over the years so they can provide sensible and practical solutions to help you comply with the law.

Fire Safety Consultancy


We have experienced Fire Consultants that are well placed to assist clients across a diverse range of projects, including construction / renovation projects, historic and listed buildings, dealing with regulatory bodies, fire safety in licensing and events or emergency planning. We find solutions that work.

Design Review


Our consultants can look over your plans and see how your project measures up against compliance with Building Regulations or the Fire Safety Order. Where exceptions are noted we would work to advise clients on this and offer solutions to design issues.

Fire Strategies


Our Fire Consultants undertake a comprehensive review of the combination of provisions for a building. How its managed, what fire protection measures are in place and what happens when there’s a fire. These documents are often written to compliment or justify a particular building design. This brings together all of the fire safety provisions in a building into a single concise document.

Fire Engineering


Sometimes the simple is not so simple and will require a fire engineering approach. This may be where a fire suppression systems or smoke management forms part of the solution. Our Fire Engineer has extensive experience in working on some of the most complex buildings in the country.

Fire Safety Training


Our Fire Safety Trainers are professionally experienced in fire-fighting, so clients learn what’s important and how to act when the worst happens. We provide fire extinguisher training, fire warden courses or general fire safety training across a range of industries.