About Us


How We Started

I joined the Fire Service as a Fire-fighter in 1997 to help people, I eventually moved into fire safety. As Fire Safety Inspectors, we had to enforce legislation, often with real consequences for the business. What I really wanted was to help keep people safe, without ruining the business or closing places down. I wanted to see fire safety professionals that worked alongside businesses.


Seeing The Problem

After years of inspecting businesses, managing Fire Safety  Inspectors and speaking at seminars, I got disillusioned with some "professionals" mis-selling, getting it wrong and letting people down. I realised that in the fire industry, professional trust can be a rare commodity. I needed to do something about it. I wanted to get rid of the smoke and mirrors around fire safety compliance, people should understand what they need to do and we should help them to do it. I didn't want to just do the simple work, I wanted to find the things that challenge businesses and help people find innovative but sensible and pragmatic solutions that work.


Offering a Solution

So, in 2015 I left the Fire Service as the Fire Safety Manager for Brighton and Hove and put together a small team of qualified, experienced, professional Fire Safety Consultants to help businesses get it right, I used the best people I knew, people that can be trusted. 

The premise is simple, we work out how the client’s business works and try to make the fire safety suit the operation. A way of doing fire safety that works with business. We only offer professional fire safety consultancy.  We can, if required, recommend trusted professionals but that's just us being helpful.


Dex Allen